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How Can We Help Ourselves to Adjust in a Changing World?

Philip Christian, Kings Funerals Celebrant, talks us through the importance of being Aware, Ready, and Creative to assist ourselves in navigating the uncertain and evolving events of 2020.


  • Awareness means possessing knowledge, the experience of a particular matter, being conscious, being informed.
  • Awareness is about having the ability to perceive, feel, and be in touch.
  • Awareness helps us prepare and plan
  • Awareness helps us seek and discover opportunities within our present reality


  • To be ready is to reduce the element of surprise or shock.
  • To be ready, allows us to envisage a best-case scenario, whilst considering all the potential outcomes, thereby being better prepared.


  • Our circumstances allow for creative and personally appropriate responses to loss and grief, ensuring that our needs are embraced in a language that we understand
  • Creativity is enhanced through awareness, readiness, and exploration, and especially through knowing ourselves, our heart, and our soul.


We at Kings are here to help – and so are many professional and caring organisations like the ones listed here. We encourage you to see what services they have to offer and to call on them for assistance when needed.

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Kings Funerals offers our families complimentary bereavement support; learn more about this service here.

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Image Credit:  Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash