Christmas Candle. Caring at Christmas Memorial

Caring at Christmas Memorial Event

A memorial for anyone facing Christmas without someone they love. A time for reflection, commemoration, and celebration of the life of a friend or relative, from the comfort of your home.



  • Welcome music from Andy Pobjoy, The Piano Bar Geelong
  • Words from Michael King, Managing Director, Kings Funerals
  • Words from Womble, Comfort Dog, Kings Funerals
  • Words from Louise King,  Funerals by Women, Kings Funerals
  • Grief during the Christmas season from Trudie Vos, The Grief Centre
  • Reflection with Philip Christian, Celebrant, Kings Funerals & Music from Andy Pobjoy, The Piano Bar Geelong
  • Honouring family and friends – Name and photo display
  • Closing Christmas Carols from Andy Pobjoy, The Piano Bar Geelong


During the memorial service, we will invite your participation by focusing on something personally connecting. At the end of a life, what is left? Much has been shared, the meals, conversations and experiences, money lent or spent, the travel, the work all done. There are material things, plenty. And these can draw us to the intangibles that say so much more of character and personality, and impact. We can use items, objects to point us again to his or her values, interests, and beliefs. Here are some prompts to help;

  • You may have a candle to light, a bowl with water upon which you may float a flower petal or some tea-light candles.
  • Think about symbols – a chair or other furniture, a treasured possession, jewelry, or badge, a certain way of organising things, a book, or magazine, quotation or CD, favourite drink or food, a hat or scarf, scent, flower or herb or fruit, a tool, utensil or sports item, craft or artwork, photo or print.

Have these things around you. During the ceremony, you will have the opportunity to consider these things and how they still speak to you.


Download our support guide for dealing with Grief at Christmas, from our partners, The Grief Centre.