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Bay 93.9 Geelong The Catch Up Asks Listeners – What Would Be Your Funeral Song?

It’s a thought that some have considered and others not – what would be your funeral song? Kings Funerals General Manager, Beth King, recently caught up with Bay 93.9 Geelong’s Roxie and Daryl on the Catch Up to chat about our new coastal Torquay venue and the modern-day funeral. During the segment, they asked listeners, ‘What would be your funeral song’ and gained over 300 responses.

Funeral Songs - Bay 99.9

Sentimental favourites made an appearance such as ‘Time to say Goodbye’ and ‘My Way’, mixed in with songs that lean towards a celebratory feel for someone’s life, often including humour (‘Highway to Hell’ by ACDC, ‘Burn for You’ by John Farnam – noting the personality of the individual, they wouldn’t have it any other way!) and, positivity (‘Walking on Sunshine’).  We’ve included a selection below. To see the full post visit the Bay 93.9 facebook page.

Funeral Songs - Always Look on the Bright Side of Life


Article Photo by Mike Giles on Unsplash