‘Humans of Kings Funerals’ – Episode 2

‘Humans of Kings Funerals’ is a short series opening the door to locals who work in funeral services, their purpose, and their lives within our shared community. We hope that in sharing these fascinating stories, we can help to reduce the stigma and taboo surrounding death & dying to assist our community in healing and preparing for one of life’s inevitable challenges.


We have partnered with Humans in Geelong to share our stories with an episode being released each month. Follow them on Facebook, InstagramLinkedIn or visit their website www.humansingeelong.com.

Episode 2 – Samantha Voyle Hallihan

In the second of our six-part series, we meet Sam Voyle Hallihan, one of the Prepaid Funeral Consultants at Kings Funerals. We explore what is involved in working with people who are pre-arranging a funeral and the meaning that Sam finds in her role.

“I’ve been an artist, muralist and decorative painter for most of my life. And I really felt that I wanted to do something with people, something that I could connect to people that I was actually helping.” Sam Voyle Hallihan – Torquay local