The ‘Calm Room’ For Pet Bereavement

“The Calm Room” is officially open and we are honoured to have been able to support such an important addition to the community work carried out by Cherished Pets.

Cherished Pets is a unique veterinary social enterprise established in 2015 in the Geelong region by veterinarian Dr Alicia Kennedy.
Its mission is to support companion pet ownership of vulnerable people and to support pets and their people through all life stages, including vulnerable times.

Located in Ocean Grove, The Calm Room is their brand new space developed for pet bereavement whilst also incorporating the need to create a sensory-safe space for Autistic clients.
This is an extension of their compassionate home euthanasia service. One that they developed with a whole heart and commitment to ensuring a pet can leave this life in the comfort of a familiar environment, in the company of family (if this is desired) and without stress or pain.

Through their end-of-pet life service, they provide home-based guidance and care to people whose pets are in their final life phases.